Kindle Oasis

Does it make sense Kindle Oasis so expensive? We review the evolution of Amazon readers

I cannot consider me a heavy user of e-book readers, but I have spent a lot of content on the Kindle cheaper and I know for a fact that what it offers is very good for its price. It is a hallmark in the gadgets they do on Amazon. It seems clear that even in this niche need to know to offer different steps of quality and services, but the emergence of Kindle Oasis has created considerable controversy, not the product itself, rather its starting price.

When it comes to the cost of a thing, we can approach the amount thinking that it is a vital tool, and therefore it is justified to almost anything. But we can also compare what they already have in our catalog, and more importantly, what they offer other brands and products, and that is when the price of Oasis may seem absurd. In short, the price of things can become quite subjective.

We eight generations contemplating updates Kindle reader and we cannot deny that evolution has always been positive, adapting to what the market needed, while sticking a little jump at what competitors were placing on the market. Continue Reading