AMD heated rumors about the arrival of Neo PlayStation, Nintendo NX and a new Xbox


AMD has told its investors very interesting things, it seems that the presentation of financial results is a good time to give them some good atmosphere, but also for industry and media say the eyes open and see what loose. What we have has to do with the next generation of video game consoles.

The signing of the processors has a lot of work over the coming months, and that all pools related to the internal hardware of the new PlayStation, also from Nintendo NX, even talk of a new Xbox 1.5.

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We do not know if all arrive later this year, but some of them do, and will report to AMD a delicious little money. If I had to bet, it seems that Neo – the new PlayStation – would be the first to appear, while the other two would leave at the end of the year, including 2017. The time will be sold to AMD cares less, she you have to start creating from now.

It smooth he is the CEO of AMD, and the charge of having contracts with the video game industry will lead them to have the best “second quarter” growth – 15% -. Typically for them it is that the best fiscal period is the third quarter, but this 2016 will be different, accelerating the arrival of revenue a period before, mainly due to the preparation of the new consoles.

It all makes sense considering that some of them will be presented at E3 2016, during the second quarter. Obviously they were asked about who the buyers of their designs and hardware, but did not want to elaborate on these operations.

AMD has positioned very well in this field of next – generation consoles. It’s a good way of life for the company, but will remain Expects $ 1,500 million in revenue achieved with these new chipsets consoles over the next three years.

Why AMD?

For reason it seems to be in the design of AMD APU solutions, powerful and customizable, while very energy efficient. Put in the same space GPU / CPU and get moving graphics 85W 1080p at 60 frames per second without too much trouble, even to stand as a solid source for 4K.

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New from AMD is called Polaris; it is what is expected within the next consoles. It is based on a FinFET process of 14 nm which is a radical leap from the current 28 nm process.

These improvements in the manufacturing process affect energy consumption. In a demo with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ compared the use of an NVIDIA GTX 950 mid-range – 140 W – while Polaris consumption was reduced to 85 W. In the world of computers looks like it will intend to go and midrange dedicated graphics for laptops and small size. For more tech news visit