How to build a great website

A website is a vital requirement for any business. It is often the first port of call for customers and needs to represent your company and the work you do. With many businesses now seeing the majority of their sales made over the internet, websites need to not only look good but also work well. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about building and running a successful site.

It has to look good

It is vital that your website looks professional. If you have no experience with computers and website building, then it may be worth hiring a professional web design agency to create the site you want. As an article in the Guardian pointed out, you wouldn’t start building a house without hiring an architect, so why would you design a website without hiring a web designer?

It has to be easy to use

Customers using your website will expect it to run smoothly. Contact information should be easily available, links should work properly, and it shouldn’t be too slow or overly-fussy. The Telegraph published a list of the 101 most useful websites, which could provide inspiration if your site is not working to its full potential.

How to build a great website

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It has to help build your brand

Your website has to be a good fit with the style, ethos, and values of your company. It should be a gateway to building your brand, and the graphics and the tone of the language used should reflect this. The colour scheme should fit with your logo and the general feel of the site should fit with the industry your business is in. If in doubt, check out competitors’ sites to pick up tips.

It has to be visible Cheltenham web designers deliver effective web design in Cheltenham. On its website it discusses the need for search engine optimisation and asks whether your rankings are securing customers and sales from the approximately 88 billion Google searches per month. If your website isn’t high up in search engine rankings, it will more difficult for customers to find your website and you may miss out on business.

Building a website can be hard if you don’t have much experience; however, employing these strategies will set you on the right path to creating a useful, interesting and all-round great website.