The 10 most used emojis on mobile phones

most used emojis

By now, smartphones are something that goes well beyond the concept of communication, have become all pcs effects. On the various chats, moreover, now with friends and relatives, we communicate more through emojis than with words. For those few who don’t know, emojis are those “smilies” that are available in our chats. There are hundreds of them, but many of us almost always use the same ones. In this guide, we will look at the 10 most used emojis on mobile phones.

most used emojis

Emoji blushing and smiling

In the special ranking that we have drawn up for the 10 most used emojis on mobile phones, in tenth place is the emoji that blushes and smiles: we use it many times to express appreciation for the compliments or nice words we receive from others.

Double pink heart

This emoji is used a lot by lovers because it represents two hearts in strong correlation with each other. In addition to couples, there are also many mothers who send this emoji to their children to show all their love.

Smiley blowing a kiss

This emoji reaches its peak of use on February 14, Valentine’s Day. It is, in fact, used a lot by lovers, but in some cases, it is also improperly used as a form of greeting at the end of the conversation by many users.

Little face crying bitterly

In addition to positive feelings, emojis are obviously also used to express one’s disappointment: this face that cries out loud is used all those times that unwelcome news is received, or in all those situations where they do not like what they are saying or doing. Our interlocutor.

Emoticon smiling satisfied

Entering the top 5 of our ranking, we find a great classic of emoji: a direct descendant of the old “smile :-)”, this smiley face is used all those times when you approve of what you are saying in the conversation.

Face that is bored

This emoji is basically used to express boredom. However, by conducting a survey of a sample of users, we found that most of the time, it is used to communicate disapproval. It is this double meaning that makes it one of the most used emojis.

Smiley with heart-shaped eyes

This emoji is a must when learning great news. The heart-shaped eyes would make you think of a smiley face for lovers, but it is actually used whenever you want to express joy: that’s why it earns fourth place in our special ranking.

Big heart

The bronze medal in our ranking is for the heart. The success of this emoji is linked not only to its meaning but also to its size: if typed two or more times, the heart maintains its standard size, but if inserted only once, it is displayed three times as large, even simulating the beat.

Smiley with sunglasses

Surprisingly, in second place is the face with sunglasses. It is an emoji that is widely used, especially by young people, to express satisfaction with something that has just been said or done. It is also used to indicate someone or something “cool”.

Face crying with laughter

The emoji that really makes everyone agree and that is used on any social application is the face that cries with laughter. According to calculations made by various experts in the sector, this emoji is used on average around the world more than a billion times a day.