The Three most Innovative Technology used in Gaming

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In recent years, technology has perfected internet gaming to the point where many games have crossed the barriers between reality and fantasy. Games are increasingly utilised not simply to entertain the public, but also to educate people in a variety of professions. In the current context, mobile gaming technology is regarded as one of the most important industry drivers.

With the advancement of technology, gaming has seen several modifications. The gaming business has advanced beyond conception, from the development of electronic games to the period of arcade games. 

Facial Recognition

We’ve been living in a world now where technologies is rapidly adapting and improving, facial recognition and 3D scanning has been a thing now for a few years, this piece of technology allows you to access programs and devices with the scan of your face. For example, individuals can unlock their mobile phones just by looking at their screen because the phone detects the owner of the phone automatically.

Facial recognition has also been implemented in the gaming industry, some games and consoles enable you to take a picture of yourself and import the image into the game or console and the computer will make a personalised avatar that looks exactly like you. 

Voice Recognition 

This type of audio technology has been around for a good number of years, with how businesses operate nowadays, voice recognition is employed within most businesses in the computer, media, and entertainment industry. Companies also install voice recognition on their products so their customers can use it to their full advantage, for example, users can give instructions to turn on and off on a console, individuals can also use voice commands to manage their gameplay and tell the game what to do instead of the user pressing buttons. 

VR Gaming 

VR gaming refers to a new generation of computer games that use virtual reality technology, this provides gamers with a fully realistic, first-person view of game action. For this to be possible, the game must be VR supported and must be equipped with VR gaming gear and peripherals such as sensor-equipped gloves, hand controllers and a VR headset.

VR Gaming is strictly not being used for gaming consoles; online casinos just like these are starting to incorporate this within their business. This enables players to have the best possible real-life gaming experience, these VR gaming headsets allows casinos gamers to have In-game chats, they’re so advanced that you can virtually light and smoke a cigarette during a game of poker or blackjack.