Dell has a new and huge 70-inch touch screen monitor with support for Chrome OS

In early 2015, Microsoft surprised with the announcement of a huge computer all-in-one with Windows 10 on TV 84 inch format, it was clear that the Microsoft Surface Hub was not for everyone, first by price and then by his bearings capabilities to heavy use in conference rooms of large corporations.

At that time the format drew attention as a device with these characteristics and possibilities could be accommodated in the educational field, and that is precisely what Dell thought, who is now presenting a huge touch screen monitor with everything you need to collaborate and all with large display. Continue Reading

Flappy Bird

If you are playing bad ‘Flappy Bird’ is not your fault, but the touch screen

How a simple game ‘Flappy Bird’ is, in turn, so complicated? If you only have to press on the screen to make the bird jump at the right time … Well, if it has never given you good this game, you must know that you are not alone and that also could have explanation. According to research by the Aalto University (Finland), there are several factors that play on a touch screen is more difficult than with physical buttons.

Byungjoo Lee, head of research explains that there are three vital differences between the two modes of play. The first is that when you place your finger on the ready to press and blow up the bird (to follow the example of ‘Flappy Bird’) screen, every time you do it at a different distance because your finger does not have a clear reference. Continue Reading