pedometer apps

The best pedometer apps for Android and iOS

Knowing how many steps you take during the day can be very useful for those who practice mild physical activity and want to know how far it goes every day, so that you can adopt a balanced diet to burn calories.

With all the sensors that are equipped with modern Android and iOS smartphones (including GPS) and with the arrival of smart band and smartwatch (equipped with a dedicated pedometer sensor), it is really very simple to use a pedometer app to devote to the purpose. Discover in this guide which are the best free pedometer applications that you can download via Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. Continue Reading

Windows Apps

8 Essential Windows Apps For Students

Students have a lot to deal with these days, so they need an extra hand to do things. Here are some essential Windows apps for students.

Technology has changed the way many students approach their education. Anyone at school today has access to a range of apps. Whether you are in high school, enroll in college as a freshman, or by completing an advanced level, these Windows apps should be at the top of the school shopping list! However, it is still necessary to know which Windows apps are useful and which are not. Continue Reading

How to close apps on iPhone X

How to close apps on iPhone X?

You have just purchased your new iPhone X to replace your old iPhone. After executing the first configuration, you started downloading and starting your favorite applications, realizing later that they were still running in the background. You tried to close them like you did with your previous iPhone but without results: the absence of the Home button put you in trouble and now you have no idea how to close apps on iPhone X. I guessed it? Well, then let me explain the detailed procedure to succeed in your intent. Continue Reading