Solar Charger 5000mAh

Solar Charge

Start talking about the size of this solar charger: 14.2 cm long, 7.5 in width and 1.36 in height for a total of about 150 g; we can compare (height apart), approximately a smartphone 5″.

The charger is composed of a battery of 5000 mAh powered by a solar panel by 1.2 W or alternatively by means of electrical energy, as a normal smartphone. In the first case, the battery takes about 13 hours to fully chargethe second takes from 5 to 7 hours However, in the instructions it is recommended not to load only and exclusively under the sun, especially if it is very strong. 

Solar Charge
Image Source: Google Image

In the edges we find – looking at the object from above (see photo) – left the standard Micro USB port to charge the internal battery and a USB port from 1 A to recharge our smartphone, on the right instead of a second USB port (1 A too it, to charge a second device, also simultaneously) and a LED flashlight can be activated by a double press on the power button, which we find in the front, just above the solar panel. With a single press of the power button, instead activate the notification LED seats to the left of the button, which will notify the state of the battery. We find 4: each corresponds to a percentage of the battery. If all have access, this is 100% charged; if only 3 are on is charged to 75% or so and so on.

The first notification LED (the one that should represent 25%), finally, lights green when the solar charger is powered by a light source.


In the product description, we note that the solar charger is highly resistant to shock, water and dust. I have done no drop test, nor was I immersed in water, but with the rubber in the corners can be seen easily that yes, it can get along well with bumps, but a little ‘less with the water, since the rubber that acts as a protection is not completely fixed, but tends to move easily. All in all, some squirt of water will not cause any damage, but the description Strong waterproof does not think is appropriate.


With the output of 1 A, 5 V, a standard 2000 mAh battery takes about 3 hours (or something more) to fully recharge. With a full charge, a battery of 2000 mAh can recharge it 2 times. During charging, the LED notification solar charger stays on, thus indicating the amount of charge in the latter.

While charging you can stop the process by pressing the power button: the LED will turn off and the phone will stop charging, no disconnect the USB cable.

To charge two devices at the same time it is necessary that the solar charger is enough loads. Finally, you can load any device because, in addition to the cable provided, you can use any USB cable.

SAFETY: If batteries are discharged completely, they can be damaged permanently. As is now the case in many devices, this solar charger if the battery reaches a critical state, it turns off automatically, so you do not damage!