Revl Arc is the first camera that records 4K video action stabilized, has an integrated gimbals

Revl Arc

We think action cameras and we will come to mind GoPro, some model Sony, and many Chinese companies that make products affordable, decent in some cases. Some think that there are ways to improve this complicated market and bring new ideas that can help in the type of use that is given to these cameras; a good example is Revl Arc.

What most often it has done with these cameras? For if they are action, we move a lot with them and stabilization is one of the most important parameters to assess. Almost all major brands do a good job based digital systems, especially highlighting Sony. For what brings under his arm Revl Arc is a system much more complex stabilization and logic says that more cash.

Apart stabilization system, the camera features are very good

The supposed revolution reaches chambers action shaped gimbal motor in the back of the camera. As explained to us, it uses magnetic technology in order to balance the image.

Revl Arc
Image Source: Google Image

Revl is the brand that is giving this solution, and as you can see in the pictures, there is nothing in the camera image that makes us think that there are different elements to other models on the market.

Speaking of the camera itself have a Sony 12 megapixel sensor, capable enough, in fact, video can record 4K at 30 frames per second. Autonomy – 1.100mAh – lets you do this for 90 minutes.

If we look for more creative ways, Revl Arc offers Full HD at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps. When taking pictures we can do bursts of 12 megapixels. The processing power puts signed by Ambarella hardware, an old acquaintance in this action cameras.

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To complete the action of the gimbal camera has all the necessary elements and sensors – gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter – that allow you to make software adjustments. Finally, comment that is waterproof and is well sealed against dust, all without external enclosures.

Where is sold and how much it costs? Well, unfortunately, does not exist yet, it is a project that seeks funding Indiegogo. Not likely to have a problem get the idea forward, it leads collected 194% of projections. Its estimated price is $ 500 and will go on sale in December if everything follows the planned course. Visit for more tips.