Remix Pro, so the prototype with which Jide wants to settle the future of OS Remix

Remix OS

Although in recent months Jide has been making enough noise with its operating system OS Remix, the company has not come to the Mobile World Congress 2016 with its own stand. However, that does not mean they are not present, and in fact we could chat with them both stand Wolder as in ARM.

While Wolder, the first European partner Jide, represents the near future of Remix OS to be showing what will be the first device to launch with this system over the next few months. He has been on the stand of ARM as we can see what are your long-term plans, which are materialized with a prototype of what could be your next device manufactured in: the Jide Ultra Tablet.

Remix OS
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Jide Remix Pro, l next tablet Jide

The Remix Ultra Tablet was the first device that Jide Remix OS debuted at CES 2015. It is a convertible tablet style very Surface Pro range of Microsoft, a very appropriate concept for the proposed system, and it seems they plan to repeat the Jide Remix Pro.

The device itself is a tablet equipped with a SoC Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, and WiFi dual band. Outwardly, we could see having a pair of front speakers and light sensors and proximity. One of the most obvious changes from the previous model we saw on the keyboard, leaving the plastic to offer a much more attractive and premium metal finishes.

This is only a prototype that still has many fringes for polishing and it is far from perform to their fullest potential. However, despite its current state of development, a benchmark that we could give was found that up to some other devices with Snapdragon 810, although still far from the moving current and high-end tablets.

The future of OS Remix

As for the future of the operating system, Jide yesterday announced that next Tuesday would launch the first beta Remix OS with support for 32-bit UEFI and updates via OTA. This version has been only a month after the release of the alpha, and if the amount of feedback received is as great as before we should not be surprising that in a few weeks go get even more betas seeing more improvements.They have said they are happy with the amount of tips they receive.

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As we said Jide own technicians, are being so many language speaking users who are testing their operating system next language to be supported 100% other languages. Currently the OS is already translated to 90% thanks to the Android own support, but they are working for the carrier to be full in no time.

We also asked about his plans for the monetization of the operating system. Here it is what they told us that his first priority was to keep doing evolve and gaining users, and that once achieved a solid base and begin to think about mechanisms to do so using the example of Google with Google Ads.

In any case, all these issues and we treat them directly with their own co-founder David Ko, who will interview today to tell us their impressions of the present and the future of your company.