Microsoft Windows cancel Bridge for Android: Final goodbye to Astoria project

About a year ago Microsoft surprised us with two projects were aimed at improving the software catalog of its mobile platform: the so – called Project Astoria and Project Islandwood gave developers the tools to move applications from Android and iOS to Windows -respectively- 10 facilitating such programmers offer their applications and games also on Windows devices.

In the case of Windows Bridge for Android (Project Astoria), difficulties began to curb that objective months later, and Microsoft announced in November that left the project in neutral. Months after the project managers have indicated that after listening to feedback from the developer community “enough” to provide the ability to move from iOS mobile applications. That has led them to make the final decision to cancel Astoria forever.

If you want to move apps to Windows, do it from iOS

This decision may have been influenced by the recent acquisition of Microsoft, which yesterday announced the purchase of Xamarin. This company has long been as prominent in the field of mobile application development and while coming closer ties with Microsoft and supporting applications for its mobile platform in C # in addition to iOS and Android.

That is precisely what also highlighted in this advertisement, which indicated that use of the C# language, and tools Xamarin and Windows Bridge for iOS project are perfectly valid to work in this area.

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The argument that did not need two ways to move applications appears consistent and the truth is that if there is a platform on which are centered developers that is iOS. There is no talk of technical difficulties or conflicts in the upper echelons of Microsoft as some sources had revealed, but it is reasonable to think that the cancellation of the Astoria project is not due solely to that preference for iOS.

In the announcement, Microsoft also talked about the other two projects aimed at improving the software catalog in Windows 10. On the one hand the Web Bridge(Hosted Web Apps), which is on track, and on the other-even more interesting the Project “Centennial”, which will take Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile applications “legacy” Windows. This is making the “old” Win32 and .NET applications can also be used in the new operating system from Microsoft and exploit the concept of convergence introduced in Windows 10.