OxyLED® T-05 LED Night Light With Sensor


We have tested a very good product, it is the lamp LED OxyLED T-05, and today we are here to share with you our own suggestions.

OxyLed T-05: The LED lamp with sensor

The lamp emits a yellow light with a good intensity that allows you to see the dark for up to a distance of about 5 meters. Via a switch on the bottom you can decide whether to keep the light always on, off or turn it on via the infrared sensor. As each lamp series OxyLed, even the T-05 boasts a double coated tape that allows you to paste the device to a ceiling or a wall. The infrared motion sensor is able to detect both the movement of people that of an animal, by turning on the lamp only in the case where there is enough light to turn it off within 15 seconds.

Image Source: Google Image

The lamp is powered by AA-type rechargeable and allows use of three years, or about 15 hours of continuous light. To install the product does not have to do is paste the bioadhesive on the back, place the batteries, choose the mode switch and attach the lamp to the wall.Unfortunately, the color of the same is not great for environments like closets, cellars or places where you need a light source appropriate to see, it adapts instead to the bedrooms of your children who fear the dark.

The product comes with double coated tape and instruction in foreign language but obsolete considering that there is little to understand to use it. If you are looking for a lamp with a very good value for money then the OxyLed T-05 is for you.