iHealth has HS5, AM3s Edge and PO3


If you go out often for a run or do sports to keep in shape, the products we want to talk today might attract your attention.

iHealth® HS5 –  Scale  Analysis 9 parameters with technology

Today we will speak of three products, starting from the scale of the future. This is the HS5, a wireless scale that allows you to monitor your weight and display the achievements and then share them with friends, family or your doctor. The product can be used both offline and online, and is able to analyze and show the body mass index, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water level, level of visceral fat (abdominal), daily caloric intake.

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iHealth AM3s Edge

This particular device may seem like a clock but something more. The Body Wireless Activity Tracker is a device resistant to rain and sweat that allows you to keep track on their physical activity directly from the wrist, with the ability to synchronize data on smartphones and tablets via a downloadable app for FREE.

The product comes with 2 bracelets, 2 straps, a USB cable for charging and a manual! Comfortable to wear, easy to use, if you often do sports activities might come in handy.

iHealth® PO3 –  Wireless Pulse Oximeter 

Wireless Pulse Oximeter is the latest product, a portable device obviously allows you to analyze your blood by showing you all the details you need, directly from your fingers through an LCD display and application iHealth MyVitals present on smartphones. The purchase of the product in the package you will find a USB cable for charging, the instruction manual, and a string.