Nokia 1100, the best-selling mobile phone in history

Nokia 1100

Today tends to blind us, and the market has such a short memory does not help to remember great successes of the past unless they triumph with a proper name associated with certain movements. This is the case of Nokia, whose best known phone may be the Nokia 3310, so often mentioned with jokes about its indestructibility.

However, at the time Nokia dominated the market, something that we mentally associated with the dinosaur era, there was a phone that made the difference to such an extent that today has not yet been surpassed. Before Nokia abandoned the throne of mobile telephony to make way for smartphones, its Nokia 1100 entered the history books. A record phone.

Nokia 1100
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Born in 2003, died in 2007

Nokia decided to put the Nokia 1100 in circulation in 2003 for about $100 or $114 at the time, and the phone is not even counted among the highlights of that year, proof that the footprint of this 1100 was leaving itself with the passage of time. In the year of its launch, the 1100 competed with the Nokia 6600, with color screen, with the Ericsson P900 with its luck of mixing between PDA and mobile phone, or with the BlackBerry 6230, one of the best sellers of that year.

The 1100 was never a phone with spectacular capabilities but it did comply with what was then asked for a mobile phone. A flashlight phone, with up to 36 shades to choose from, and Nokia’s famous tone composer to store up to 7 shades created by us, and Snake II, the mythical snake game. It also offered other functions like stopwatch, calculator or chat function.

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Nokia was always fond of making variations on its own terminals, something similar to what we see today with some smartphones that change specific components to adapt to certain markets. With this Nokia 1100, we also saw it and there was a Nokia 1100a for networks GSM 900/1800, a Nokia 1100b for networks GSM 850/1900, and even two small variants like the Nokia 1101 or 1108, with changes in the backlight or addition of a small WAP 1.1 browser.

With its monochrome display and reinforced rubber design, the Nokia 1100 achieved a double trophy in 2007. In order to manufacture it, the 1100 became the best-selling mobile phone in history, with more than 250 million Drives worldwide, and also in the best-selling electronic device so far outperforming gadgets like the Nintendo DS or the PlayStation 2. A post that probably will not hold today.

Nokia 1100
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Some curiosities of a record phone

Such sales figures as those obtained by the Nokia 1100 throughout his life were enough to give rise to certain curiosities around the device. Like the fact that it has become a desire nothing hidden in the bosom of the world of crime. A source effect on the device makes it possible to reprogram it, so it could intercept SMS received and sent with it.

This defect has caused some criminals to impersonate certain users and, through messages sent by the banks themselves, steal money from their accounts. More than enough reason for the phone to reach astronomical figures in the market second hand. But it is not there but in 2005 appeared a Nokia 1100 in a drug case of the Dutch police. As we say, more than 250 million units sold give the Nokia 1100 is in all the scrubs.

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Another fact is that this Nokia 1100 was designed by Miki Mehandjiysky, someone who may not sound like anything but that it is a Bulgarian-American designer who had something in mind when he conceived the 1100. The phone would go to emerging markets and hence it was especially resistant against dust and water, perhaps the most resistant that Nokia came to put into circulation in the era of feature phones.

Another curious fact that also has to do with a record, although of the brand more than the model is that in 2005 was marketed the number 1,000 million Nokia phone. The sale came in Nigeria and yes, it was a Nokia 1100. Although with those sales figures, no wonder it helped Nokia achieve such a figure.

Therefore, you know, this is not an iPhone or a Samsung, or any other manufacturer of those who govern today the market with glass and metal fist. The best-selling phone in history was a Nokia with monochrome display, rubber edges and protection against dust and water. The Nokia 1100 went down in history by its own merits and, unfortunately, less is spoken of him than the 3310. Although with the return of the latter, it is logical.