Mi TV 3S: Xiaomi presents its new range of televisions

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S

The catalog Xiaomi went from being completely unknown to being one of the most celebrated of the last time, and without being a brand with many years of prestige, found as wowing customers with each of the products coming out of their hands. Xiaomi is not only synonymous with smartphone, its diversity of products has increased in a major way over the last two years and without neglecting the philosophy of delivering good products at low prices, clear displays are your household-oriented products covering from needs as basic as a power strip, to its range of televisions going to rival any overhand. Of the latter precisely let’s talk now that Xiaomi has just introduced new copies for family TV sets under the name Mi TV 3S.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S
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43″ and 65″ respectively, the two new televisions Xiaomi promise a visual experience of the best, adding in the second model, a factor which these days has become favorite feature of many, the curved screen, a feature that gives another dimension and sensations when sitting in front of the TV. Here the detail of each:

Mi TV 3S 43″

The first of these complete ranges of ultra-thin models the TV (but no curves) of this manufacturer previously initiated a diagonal of 48 inches but now down to 43″ of the new model.

Inside this TV we can be found:

– Processor Mstar 6A908, a CPU quad-core Cortex-A9 to 1.45 GHz.
– Mali 450 GPU that allows hardware decoding of 1080p content at 60 fps.
– 1 GB of RAM.
– 8 GB Flash storage capacity.
– 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

The model 43″ ultra thin also reduces weight 9.32 kg only, and design frames include aluminum alloy and of course these 10.9 mm thick. This model integrates support for Dolby and DTS and is priced at 1799 yuan, something like about USD $280.

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Mi TV 3S Curved 65″

The most attractive is the new signature model 3S Mi TV 65 “Curved, a TV with a curved screen 65-inch Samsung also highlighted by the ultra-thin body metal just 5.9mm at its thinnest part.

Inside you can find:

-Processor Mstar 6A928 (more powerful than the model 43″). Supports 4K emissions and integrating a quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 processor 1.4GHz.
– Mali-760 GPU (4K content at 60 fps).
– 2 GB of RAM.
– 8 GB of storage.
– Connectivity 802.11ac (2 × 2) and Bluetooth 4.1 LE.

As often happens with the release of each of these TVs, Xiaomi does not neglect sound and included in the pack (this model) a sound bar with two tweeters and four woofers for low of 2.5 inches. As in the previous case Dolby sound technologies and DTS are supported and the price rises to 8999 yuan, about USD $1380.