How to upload a gif to facebook

how to upload a gif to facebook

Uploading a GIF to Facebook is as simple as uploading the content to the social network section where you want to share it. You can do it in comments, announcements, and even in your own story within the platform. Now, for this to have movement, you must download the appropriate file from the web. For this, you have different sites on the Internet at your disposal, in addition to the Google search engine.

You can do this from the official mobile application or the web version of the platform. However, it is important to note that, in Facebook Lite, GIFs are not appreciated with the movement they should have. This represents a nuisance for many users since they cannot view the image’s animation, even after uploading it to the network. To know how to upload a gif to facebook, read on.

How to upload a gif to Facebook?

how to upload a gif to facebook

To upload a GIF to Facebook from your computer, you must have the file in question on your PC’s storage. Later you can enter your profile within the platform by accessing this link and follow the instructions described below to upload it to the platform:

  • Click on the “Photo/Video ” option in the status update section.
  • Search the file gallery for the GIF you want to upload and press ” Open .”
  • Facebook will give you the option to add a comment to the post, tag friends, or include your location.
  • When you are satisfied with the result, click ” Publish. “
  • Please wait while the file is uploaded, and when it is ready, you will see it in your timeline.

It’s that simple to upload a GIF to your Facebook biography from your computer. If you want to comment with this type of content, you have to click on the available buttons’ corresponding option. Which will open a gallery of GIFs available to use on the platform, select the one you want, and that’s it. In this way, you can use funny animations to respond to different publications.

From the phone

In case you prefer to use your mobile to upload a GIF to Facebook, you should know that you need to download the official application from Google Play or the app Store. Keep in mind that the Lite version does not allow uploading this type of content to the network. Knowing this, you can use the steps mentioned under this paragraph to do so:

  • Login to your Facebook profile from the mobile application.
  • Press ” Photo ” in the status update section.
  • Select the GIF you want to upload from your cell phone gallery and press ” Next. “
  • Add comments, tags, or whatever you want to the publication and press ” Publish. “

Finally, you will have to wait while the publication of the file finishes. You can be sure that the charge is complete by seeing the process in the small circle shown on the screen. In this simple way, you can upload any GIF you want to Facebook. It is worth mentioning that, to do so in the form of a comment, you have to click on the corresponding option and choose an animation from the available gallery.

Other alternatives

You should know that there is the option to upload a GIF to Facebook from the platform Giphy. However, this is an impractical procedure that is often tedious for the user. Therefore, the fastest and most effective way to do this type of task is using any of the methods explained above, depending on the device to be used for it.

How to upload a GIF as a profile picture

To upload a GIF and use it as a profile photo on Facebook, you should know that you cannot use files that you download from the Internet. On the contrary, you must use your mobile device’s camera and record a short video that you can later configure as an image of your account on the network. Follow the steps outlined below to do so:

  • Go to your profile on Facebook from the mobile app.
  • Click on the profile image of your account.
  • Select ” Record new profile video .”
  • Grant the necessary permissions to access the camera.
  • Record the video you want to use as a GIF and hit the popcorn icon when ready.
  • If you wish, you can edit it with the Facebook options by clicking on the corresponding button and even add a comment or configure it temporarily.
  • Press ” Save. “

When you finish, you can see your new GIF in the profile image of your Facebook account and surprise your friends with your creation.

How to use a cover GIF

As with the profile image, uploading a GIF downloaded from the Internet to Facebook to use as a cover for your account is impossible. It loses its animation effect when it is uploaded to the network, and it remains static, so you must use the same technique applied in the previous procedure. Now, keep in mind that, for the covers, you need a clip of at least 20 seconds in length. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it.

As you can see, uploading or using GIFs in your Facebook posts, stories or comments is a very simple task that you can do in a few minutes. You have to follow the instructions described throughout this post and take into account the observations mentioned.