Five Best Self-Improvement Books to Read in 2022

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  1. WhatchaGonna Do with That Duck? by Seth Godin

This is one of the best books for self-improvement. Unlike most self-improvement books, this one targets an infinite array of areas in which you can, and ultimately must, improve. With its ruthless honesty and genuine inspiration, Godin makes you ponder the difficult questions you wouldn’t ever dare to ask yourself. The result is a completely new perspective of the world- a fresher, more vibrant perspective, packed with new and bold possibilities like the games at online casinos us.

If you need a friend who understands you, a boss that forces you to venture deep into your non-comfort zone, a wise guru that tells you what needs to be left behind and a sage that proclaims the coming of a new age, then look no further; you will find these shrewd voices all tied together in this magnificent book. Make sure to get this one.

  1. Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Perhaps it is the fact that randomness played such a significant role in my years as a poker player that I find this book utterly important. We often attribute skill where there is only luck; we confuse correlation with causation and we underestimate the incredible effect small changes can have.

  1. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

It is important to know how people use power for their own benefit and what to do to protect themselves from certain abuses of power. Besides the fact that all stories in this book gravitate around power. It contains many life lessons, and amazing historical anecdotes. If read in a certain light, the ability to use power for good. From Caesar to Goethe, Sun-Tzu to Machiavelli, this eye-opening book spans a wide range of human development.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen. R. Covey

The title of this book doesn’t capture it all. Covey shares with us seven habits one should adapt to become truly effective in whatever you would like to achieve. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. He stresses the fact that we need to go through a paradigm shift – a fundamental change in how we perceive the world and ourselves.

This book can be read as a guide, with practices and everything, to go through the stages in order to make such a shift happen. Part shock therapy, part ageless spiritual wisdom, Covey’s book is packed with wisdom that actually makes a difference. And as I mentioned, don’t let the title of the book fool you; it is about much more than just becoming more effective. It is about becoming a whole integer person who not only seeks the best in oneself but also in the people around her. You can take this book into account and opt for games at ace pokies.

  1. The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide by James Fadiman

While finding a book on psychedelics in this list of books on self-improvement might come as a surprise, I believe any metaphysical distinction between tools such as books, meditation or molecules holds no ground. They should all be solely judged on their merits. And the merits of certain chemical keys, used in a constructive way, are perhaps bigger than any book in this list.

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide will teach you how to prepare yourself and your surroundings, what and how much to take, and what do when something goes wrong. So you can safely enhance your thinking, creativity, introspection and emotional balance. This book contains everything you need to know about using psychedelics as a tool for self-improvement while drawing on extensive scientific literature and personal wisdom. A must-have for the beginning and experienced psychonaut alike.