7 Highest Paying Writing Jobs

When people hear “writing career,” they tend to think of novelists and essayists. But those who love to write have more options beyond becoming the next Dave Eggers or Dorothy Parker. The following seven jobs span a variety of industries and specialties—read on to find which role would suit you best, courtesy of https://www.kiwicasinos.io/.

  1. Editor

It’s an editor’s job to oversee a piece of writing from inception to publication. Depending on the type of writing they’re editing (and the writer they’re working with), this can include honing the thesis, framing, and structure; ensuring the facts are accurate and the sources credible; making suggestions about how to improve the writing (for example, calling out inconsistencies in voice or tone); eliminating unnecessary sentences or paragraphs; and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. Editors can work in a variety of settings, including for book publishers, media companies, magazines, newspapers, and brands (where they would edit the company’s website or other content).

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers lead the charge when it comes to developing and executing content for a company. While some content marketing managers take a generalist approach, many specialize in creating and overseeing specific types of content—such as blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, website content, and social media posts.

While content marketing managers do spend a significant amount of time creating content (including writing), they also spend a good amount of time on strategy—making this a great role if you love to write, but don’t want to spend all your time tapping at a keyboard. You’ll also have a chance to think about the bigger picture and figure out how content can support an organization’s overall mission and goals.

  1. Communications Manager

Communications managers are, as you might guess, in charge of a company’s communications—often both internal and external. Responsibilities could include defining and developing the company’s voice, developing and managing the company’s communication strategy, writing internal guides and resources, managing client- and customer-facing communications (such as press releases, press conferences, or other media opportunities), and ensuring that all business communications, internal and external, are in line with the company’s mission and goals. They are also responsible for the customer support in casinos like casinos online us.

  1. Technical Writer

Technical writers are responsible for writing copy that translates complex technical ideas into something a general audience can read and understand—including for instruction manuals, tutorials, journal articles, and educational resources.

  1. Medical Writer

Similar to a technical writer, a medical writer takes extremely complex concepts and ideas and translates them into easier-to-digest copy—only medical writers have a particular focus on all things healthcare. Medical writers can work in a variety of environments, including businesses (for example, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, supplement companies, or health tech startups), medical associations, or healthcare providers. They may work on a number of project types, including medical articles, policy documents, or training and educational materials.

  1. PR Manager

Public relations managers (also commonly referred to as PR managers) are responsible for building brand awareness and driving positive brand sentiment for a person, company, product, or service. They accomplish those goals through a variety of strategies, including building relationships with the media, drafting press releases, developing and leading consumer-facing campaigns, and minimizing the impact of negative press.

  1. Copywriter

Copywriters are responsible for writing material that persuades the reader to take action—whether that’s in the form of an advertisement, a website landing page, or a sales letter. Ultimately, copywriters create the content that helps businesses drive sales—making them an incredibly valuable asset to companies looking to engage their customers and move the needle on conversions and revenue.