Aluminium Oxide Coating: Benefits and Applications

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If you’re looking for a coating material that is non-reactive, works well under high-temperature operating conditions, and provides a hard exterior, then Aluminium Oxide may be the answer. This engineered ceramic material is used in a wide variety of applications and has many benefits. You may also find this coating called Alumina, Aloxide, Aloxite, and Alundum.

Benefits of Aluminium Oxide Coating

One of the most commonly used surface treatments, Aluminium Oxide has many benefits to its use. These include:

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–       Wear and Abrasion Resistance. Aluminium Oxide provides excellent protection against abrasive wear and has a high resistance to cavitation, friction, and particle erosion.
–       High Operating Temperature. The thermal barrier for this surface coating is 300F.
–       Excellent electrical insulation. Experts estimate it has a Dielectric strength of 300-400 volts per 0.001-inch thickness at room temperature.
–       Acid and Alkali Resistant. This coating is insoluble to most common acids and alkalis in an aqueous solution.

As a readily available material, aluminium oxide is also a more affordable coating option, without compromising on quality and performance.


As an inert coating, Aluminium Oxide is often recommended as a coating in the textile and chemical industries. It is also used to coat electrical components to protect against shorts or to prevent conduction. It can also be used in engine components due to its high operating temperatures and has even been used in rocket engines.

Examples of uses for aluminium oxide surface treatments include:

–       Electrical Housings
–       Non-conductive rollers
–       Yarn guides and draw rolls
–       Surfaces subject to wear
–       Furnace linings
–       Biomedical implants
–       Electrostatic chucks

How is the Surface Coating Applied?

Aluminium Oxide Powder is heated up and sprayed at high velocity onto the surface to be treated. This creates hard, dense surface coatings with very low porosity. This allows the coating to be applied progressively, building up thickness as desired. In many cases, the high-pressure application means the coating impregnates the base material, minimising the risk that it will flake off.

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Considering Aluminium Oxide?

Aluminium Oxide is a popular, high-performance coating that provides many benefits. It is relatively low cost, and its inert nature makes it ideal for uses where contamination is an issue. Providing exceptional wear protection, even at high temperatures, its electrical insulation brings an additional dimension to its uses. With so many benefits and potential applications, it is easy to understand the popularity of this cost-effective, durable coating.