Five sewer pipe lining FAQs

Do you have a problem with your sewerage system? Here are some questions you might need to address and the best solutions.

What are the property owner’s responsibilities?

The drains carrying household waste are normally the property owner’s or landlord’s responsibility up to the boundary of the property when they connect to public sewers .

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What is sewer pipelining?

This is an innovative solution if you need a sewer pipe repair. You will find it is described as a “trenchless technology”. This means you are not looking at costly digging processes, which are normally the solution if you have a problem with your sewer. Instead, ambient-resin based liners are placed inside the pipe, restoring the integrity of the existing sewer.

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How reliable is this as a solution?

This kind of lining is very durable and can solve the geological issues which caused problems in the first place. The liner will create a fully-functioning pipe with no weak sections or joints. This kind of liner can solve issues for decades.

How do costs compare with digging up the entire pipe?

Compared with trenching options, which are the traditional approach, sewer lining can prove far more efficient, cutting labour costs and the process can be completed in just a few hours. Many homeowners are now opting for this kind of technology to solve drainage problems.

How does the technology work?

Once placed inside the damaged pipe, the liner is bonded to the existing pipe structure under pressure, usually applied by air. As it bonds, the resin hardens via a curing method which can involve ultraviolet light. The process creates a repair within the bounds of the existing structure, restoring the integrity of the sewer.

What can you expect from a pipe lining company?

You should expect the team to begin by investigating the pipe with CCTV cameras as a part of the survey. At this point, they will let you know whether the pipe can be patched or needs replacing or whether pipe lining technology can be used.

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If the latter is appropriate, they will guide you through the process and the products which are available.

You can then expect them to carry out repairs with minimum fuss or disruption.