Five features of Google Pixel that can lead to other Android

Google Pixel

It is nothing new that every smartphone hits the market has some features that are unique to that model or brand, and all of them, the missing family Nexus was the least of these exclusives brought and finally, the development community got by for almost anyone could have it.

But the arrival of the family Pixel has put Google as a manufacturer more, with a personalization own, but whose exclusives, at least in large part, can reach any Android, well thanks to the Mountain View or developers. Five of them and can be enjoyed in other Android.

Google Pixel
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Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is the exclusive launcher of Google Pixel and Pixel XL and to expedite the issue of updates and not have to launch an OTA whenever they want to improve the launcher; Google published it in Google Play. However, it is only available for Pixel, leaving the rest without this app.

Or maybe not, because you can download and install the apk making sure that if you have an earlier version, you should uninstall it because the signature is different from earlier versions. This application is compatible with any smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher inside.

The only thing you cannot enjoy this apk is the feed of cards Google that is on the screen on the right, but everything else is available, including access to application drawer sliding up or replacing the search bar a button, among other things.

Circular icons

The circular icons are not new, as can be seen for some time in various launchers, either from third parties or those manufacturers installed by default. But if you want to have icons like terminals Google, you only need a launcher that allows packs of icons and access Google Play.

If you do not fancy downloading an apk from outside Google Play to install Pixel Launcher, you can customize your smartphone in a very simple way with a pack of icons and keep active your favorite launcher. Fortunately, the vast majority of launchers allow customization of icons, both third and stock.

Pixel Icon Pack-Nougat Free UI and the application is called, has more than 3,000 icons, so it should be compatible with almost any application you have installed.

Gestures to the fingerprint sensor

One of the most coveted things offered by the Pixel during his presentation are the gestures in your fingerprint sensor, for everyone except the owners of a Huawei with said sensor, for quite some time already include this capability. Undoubtedly, given the screen size (especially in the Pixel XL), this is appreciated.

For those who do not have a Huawei not want to splash out on a Pixel, a user of XDA had the bright idea of developing an apk that allows our fingerprint sensor adopts the gestures of Pixel and best of all, without root, at least not for the vast majority of options.

All you have to do is access this link XDA forum where you’ll find the link provided by the author, download the apk and install. Remember that you must have activated the option Unknown sources and, once installed, activate the accessibility panel. This application is compatible with devices with fingerprint sensor and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Wallpapers of Pixel

Another element of personalization usually adopted much in our phones are wallpapers, and the output of the Pixel this is no exception. Luckily, Google in this regard has done something very comfortable, and unite all the wallpapers under a single application.

Wallpapers, and is called the application (have not been killed by the name), and this time Google has also been generous, because it is compatible with other phones. Once the application is installed you will see the wallpapers divided into five categories: Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life and textures.

Also a part with animated wallpapers is included (the four we’ve seen hundreds of times) and also wallpapers for your device and the ability to view your photos to set one as wallpaper. In each section, you have a part to activate funds daily screen.

Curiously, in each wallpaper will find information about who took the picture, the place in Google Maps and the ability to explore (using the browser) for more information about that image.

Google Assistant

The feature that Google gave more hype during the presentation of the Pixel is Google Assistant, which promised to be a big step forward in terms of attendance is concerned, competing with Siri and Cortana. This new wizard, at least for a while, will be exclusive Google phones.

However, a slightly limited version is available to anyone on the Google Allo application, but for queries that may arise at the moment is quite solvent.

You can ask a little of everything, from information of a character to ask it to tell a joke or you send poems every day, ask for weather information and even ask you if you want. In short, until you reach Google Android Assistant others, a good substitute.