Biological Batteries? These bacteria can create based on renewable energy a world

Biological Batteries

It seems that this is not the year of Linux on the desktop, but it may be the year of renewables in our outlets. We have tried many things, but the current technology still makes it difficult to get that energy is one hundred percent green in most countries.

A Dutch research group recently announced in Environmental Science & Technology Letters that have developed the first one based on bacteria rechargeable battery. Yes, in bacteria. It sounds weird but the future of renewable energies can depend on them.

Biological Batteries
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The problem of renewable

Renewable energies are gaining ground gradually: a few days ago, we learned that Scotland already produces more than half of its energy needs through renewable energy. We had already spoken of Uruguay and many other countries. Renewable energy seems unstoppable but its growth has a big problem.

Countries that its energy system based on renewable sources actually rely on hydroelectricity. Paraguay, Bhutan, and Lesotho not only pivot on large hydrological dams but energy exports are an important part of their economies. The 40% of exports of Bhutan are just sales of surplus energy.

And the biggest problem of other sources of renewable energy such as solar or wind power is that are not constant: we rely on the wind or the time of day. And this, although it is not an insurmountable problem, very difficult to design policies for energy transition.

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We need better batteries

About a year ago we were talking about power will Tesla, batteries equipment was designed to supply Musk home. It was clear that it was a fundraiser towards the introduction of renewables in the houses (and in fact, are emerging cheaper alternatives). But it is not enough. Current solutions are expensive and drag security problems.

So there are several teams of researchers who are trying to create microorganisms based batteries. It is not something new; microbial electrosynthesis has been discussed for at least a decade ago. The novelty is that a team of researchers has developed a useful model of the rechargeable battery based on two different microbial systems: one uses bacteria which, when stimulated with electricity, produce acetate and others that produce electricity by consuming acetate. During the day, energy batteries are able to accumulate enough energy to produce acetate as overnight. A giant step for cheap energy, safe and available to all. Visit for more tips and ideas.