A very quick marketing guide.

You may well have the right product or service in place, and have financial backing for it, but the next stage is the hardest of all; getting it marketed properly. Help is at hand in the form of  hiring a Marketing Strategy Consultant. To give you a quick overview here is what you can expect them to talk about, only they will discuss it in greater detail.

  1. Have a story and you’ll get a connection. Why are you making this product or service? It’s an idea to use this as a backstory to show that you’re not just about profit.
  2. Stick to the brand at all times. Never deviate from your branding otherwise the message will become confused. Make sure that all of your correspondence and online presence sticks with the branding as well. It creates a uniformity that people will remember.

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  1. Build yourself up locally first. National and World Domination will have to wait. Make sure you are known and strong locally first. It’s also a great way to beta test everything.
  2. Use social media to promote your products. Being on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives you a free platform to make people aware of your products.

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  1. Ask questions and make as many contacts as you can. It’s a good idea to get yourself out there with business groups and to ask questions as to how they got where they are today.