7.6 million Xperia phones were sold, increasingly weigh less in the accounts of Sony

Xperia Phone Sells Report

The financial results we showed a sober Sony, getting minimal benefits in some of its major departments, at least historically, as the Japanese company is balancing good forces to remain a healthy company in the market. Today we can tell you more about the department in charge of Xperia.

In the three-month period ending in December 2015, they have sold 7.6 million phones. If they are many, few or is it okay, it is easy to check to see the sales history of the last few quarters: do not share grows, fewer units sold. For now say that is a lower number than expected in the most modest expectations.

Xperia Phone Sells Report
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With that figure is expected to finish the fiscal year with 25 million Xperia devices sold, representing a reduction of 7% over the previous year, in which about 27 million phones were sold. Sony expectations were crossing the barrier of 30 million phones in a year.

From here we value every product launch, both high-end and more affordable segments, and we believe that sales do not match what they offer, but the market is capricious. It’s too complicated for even the best positioned is, leaving aside Huawei, few can say their 2015 is much better than previous years.

At least it is profitable

Revenues decreased by 14.7% compared with the same period last year. Sony says this is confirmed by the same decision not to proceed with change in mobile phones for the return, and why the operating profit improved significantly for the section. At least the cuts have led them to have a profitable division 201 million in benefits.

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2016 does not seem very different for mobile

The fourth fiscal quarter of Sony will not be buoyant, a forecasted 3.5 million units sold, to meet with something we have to go until 2011.

This year Sony will continue to grow in a less visible way, becoming more profitable

Sony does not want to be the leader in the hardware as it has been before, it has to be a more sober company that knows better use of business where it can really make a difference.

It seems clear that PlayStation is its new activity center, and from it must be given the best landing surface to the virtual reality VR PlayStation.

2016 will continue as last year, with reductions in marketing and the development of the mobile part investigation. Not bet on a sale of the mobile division, but it seems difficult that is to add fuel to a fire that has never managed to grow as tall as Sony believed it deserved. Samsung, Apple and Chinese companies are far to Sony.