Sony charge wirelessly

Sony’s latest patent looks like science fiction: Transferring power from one mobile to another wirelessly with NFC

R & D departments of technology companies are constantly producing ideas, and the most interesting ones, those in which a company sees that it could take advantage of others, end up in patents. Making sure that the competition will not reach the same place in the same way is essential to try to get several extra centimeters when crossing the finish line.

That does not mean that each patent ends up in a finished product, but it reflects where the research of one and the other is progressing. The latest patent presented by Sony is quite relevant, as it talks about how to emit energy from one smartphone to succeed in loading another. Charge wirelessly from the phone itself, not from the charger, and for this you want to use the NFC chip. Continue Reading

Xperia Phone Sells Report

7.6 million Xperia phones were sold, increasingly weigh less in the accounts of Sony

The financial results we showed a sober Sony, getting minimal benefits in some of its major departments, at least historically, as the Japanese company is balancing good forces to remain a healthy company in the market. Today we can tell you more about the department in charge of Xperia.

In the three-month period ending in December 2015, they have sold 7.6 million phones. If they are many, few or is it okay, it is easy to check to see the sales history of the last few quarters: do not share grows, fewer units sold. For now say that is a lower number than expected in the most modest expectations. Continue Reading