2022 Bestselling Books for You

There’s always a book for everyone, from a historical fiction book that spans three centuries to a contemporary novel on the complexity of a close female friendship.  Here are the best new books to read these years according to Insider and online pokie.

‘The Maid’ by Nita Prose

Molly, a maid working in a New York hotel, discovers notorious — and very wealthy — guest Charles Black dead in his bed. This is a problem for any number of reasons, not least of which is that it offends Molly’s sense of order, which is what leads her to clean Black’s room immediately, and inadvertently propel her to the top of the suspect list.

‘Olga Dies Dreaming’ by Xochitl Gonzalez

Olga is a successful wedding planner to the rich and soon-to-be-famous and her brother Pietro is a congressman. Both have come a long way from their Brooklyn childhood when they were abandoned by their mother, a radical Puerto Rican activist. But when Hurricane Maria strikes, Olga and Pietro are forced to confront their past and their futures.

‘To Paradise’ by Hanya Yanagihara

To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara is a completely immersive and downright extraordinary story of men and women, lovers and friends, grandparents and grandchildren, that spans three different time periods (1893, 1993, 2093). It’s easy to fall in step rooting for these characters who at times try to defy their legacy and other times try to uphold it. It is an interesting read, and you should try it after playing games at online casinos New Zealand.

‘Fiona and Jean’ by Jean Chen Ho

Coming of age in southern California, Fiona and Jane’s lives diverge when the former heads to New York after college. Gone are the heady days of getting drunk on soju at a strip mall Korean bar — blunting the rough edges of their disparate but equally complex adolescences, and occasionally getting them into the kind of trouble that only serves to strengthen their bond. It’s a good thing, because the mettle of their relationship will be tested.

‘Reminders of Him’ by Colleen Hoover

Every aspect of “Reminders of Him” feels heightened because it’s not just a romance novel and it’s not just an angst-filled forgiveness and redemption story. It’s not a heartrending epistolary novel written to a lost love. And it’s not even a what’s-best-for-the-child kitchen sink drama, though that’s how the first three story arcs intersect. It’s an honest-to-God, wet eyelashes, lump-in-throat (twice!), mix of all four.

‘Emotional Inheritance’ by Galit Atlas

It is perhaps a sign of the pandemic times that there are so many books on trauma in the marketplace. Bessel van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score,” a pioneering work many consider to be the trauma bible, is back on bestseller lists eight years after it was originally published, a testament to the healing power of its insights (and the power of TikTok).

‘This Will Be Funny Later: A Memoir’ by Jenny Pentland

Jenny Pentland is the daughter of Roseanne Barr, but from the book jacket you’d never know. And that’s the way it should be, as “This Will Be Funny Later” is less about being Roseanne’s Daughter than it is about growing up in a complicated family that was suddenly forced into the intense spotlight of fame and its trappings.

‘Real Easy’ by Marie Rutkoski

“Real Easy” is a tightly wound thriller anchored around the Lovely Lady strip club and the tenacious yet vulnerable women who dance there night after night regardless of the danger lurking in the shadows. Some of these women will die at the hands of a serial killer and one will discover the horrible truth. But regardless of their outcome, readers come away knowing each woman intimately: What drives them, what they fear, and who they love.