Top Seven Free Educational Websites For Students

No matter how advanced, innovative, and curriculum-based online educational tools are, they are only effective if students actually use them. Here are the most visited websites by students, curated by online pokies for real money.

  1. HowStuffWorks

This American website provides students of all ages with insightful and educational materials ranging from science, art, animals, home, technology and lots more. This great website is the best option for inquisitive children who ask questions about everything. Just as the name implies, the website essentially shows how stuff works. And by “stuff,” it means anything and everything you can think of. This website is the ultimate go-to resource for assignments, homework and school projects. It can be used by children within the age of 11 years and above. The site is extremely user-friendly, as it has lots of illustrations, diagrams, videos, pictures and animations. So, if your child is constantly asking you questions, this is the right website to get valuable information. With HowStuffWorks, you will never have to answer so many questions from your children again.

  1. Oxford Owl

The best thing about this website is that it utilizes the British curriculum, same as Greensprings School. and other top schools in Nigeria. Oxford Owl develops the reading, writing and arithmetic skills with thousands of resources available on the website. It performs the job of a private tutor, as the website is loaded with tons of informational material necessary for excellent academic performance. It also contains a free eBook library for children between the ages of 3-11 years. This amazing website makes learning fun and easy. In addition to the countless resources in it, one can also purchase textbooks from other websites like Amazon, kindle and lots more. There are also other categories on the website for parental advice and support.

  1. Starfall

For over fifteen years, Starfall has been dedicated to helping children speak impeccable English and read with phonics unaided. The website helps to improve the language development of children in preschool and elementary school; as well as providing support for children requiring special education. Struggling readers would not have a problem with Starfall, as there are several learning levels that are equally as informative as that of the standard learning level. The website is quite interactive, and children are able to have fun, while learning lots of exciting new stuff. It also has a feature for parents and grown-up kids.

  1. HighlightsKids

This website contains a lot of brainteasers, riddles, puzzles and questions for students, to help build their thinking skills and sense of reasoning. Children are able to explore their creativity and use their imagination without having any barriers. The provisions on the website enable children to bring out their best and even showcase amazing hidden talents. With HighlightsKids, children are able to read properly, think critically and reason deeply. Hence, children between the ages of 6 and 12 would do great while using the website. The attractiveness and beauty of this free educational website make learning so much fun for the students as it plays a massive role in fostering an engaging learning experience.

  1. FunBrain

Another great free educational website for children is Funbrain. It is more than resourceful, as parents could also make great use of it. The website provides top-notch educational resources via hundreds of educational games and activities. This top-quality website is suitable for children between the ages of 1-13. The free educational website contains aesthetically pleasing graphics, along with high-quality videos. With FunBrain, your children would never get bored. The best thing about the website is that there is absolutely no need to log in or sign up, so you could just click on the website and get your children to start learning immediately.

  1. Phonics Ninja

This is another free educational website in form of games where preschoolers can learn different sounds, letters, and phonics. With its special features that use funny sounds, engaging games and touch sensation, any preschooler can easily navigate the app. The children can even have more fun by directly recording their own audio clues while playing the game. When a preschooler learns all these letters and sounds, it serves as a stepping stone when a child is either learning how to read or learning new numbers and letters. A child is sure to speak impeccable English with the use of this app, installed on a home gadget, in the same way you download games from real money casinos online.

  1. BrainPOP

Another trusted free educational website for children is Brainpop. It helps children to stay creative and constructive in almost all subjects like Social Studies, English, Arts, Health and Music. It also adds a bit of humour and fun to encourage children to learn and study in their own unique ways. The content on the site stimulates curiosity in children, making them eager to explore new topics. Brainpop is also useful, if you want your child to learn other languages like Spanish, French and Italian. Lastly, it contains an English proficiency test for all ages, which includes grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and handwriting.