WhatsApp: Tricks, Secrets and Hidden Functions

It has over a billion active users every day and has become so commonplace that by now nobody says “I sent you a message” (or an SMS), but directly “I sent you a WhatsApp”. Despite the competitors that have appeared over the years, WhatsApp remains the queen of instant messaging apps. The primogeniture contributed to its position (it was the first app to really change the way smartphone users send messages), the continuous development, as well as the passage under the aegis of Facebook and the decision to drop the small fee initially requested.

Sending and receiving messages, and even phone calls, is easy. But not everyone really knows how to make full use of the app, which contains some hidden or at least not widely publicized features. So let’s see what are the best tricks and secrets of WhatsApp, from the simplest to the most curious, and we’ll also take a look at the news that the near future has in store. Continue Reading


WhatsApp puts order in their groups with 6 new options to improve their control and administration

WhatsApp has just announced a series of news related to its role as group chats. With them, the messaging application tries to put some order with new options for administrators, and the possibility of having more useful and complete information about the group in which you are.

It is a total of five new options that the service is already sending to Android and iPhone users through an update. Therefore, to be able to use them you will only have to be careful to update WhatsApp to the latest version that you have just received. Continue Reading