This was the first USB memory of history

We are now so used to it that it is not uncommon to have a few scattered some drawer of our desk, but there was a day when USB flash drives revolutionized the way we were carrying data , becoming one of the key technologies to end with the reign of floppy disks.

USB flash drives, also known as USB sticks, had some key advantages over its rivals. On the one hand, they were immune to electromagnetic interference affecting diskettes, and the other is not scraped it with the scratches as they passed CDs. In addition, while the classic 3.5 – inch diskettes had just 1.44MB memory, USB first launched with capacities of 8 MB.

In 2005, five years after the launch of the first USB memories computers they were still using floppy drives. However, gradually, all the advantages that were offering USB flash drives and CD drives or DVDs eventually banishing forever, and eventually disks also started to weaken versus the comfort of USBs. Continue Reading