Brightest satellite galaxy

Russia plans to launch what would be the brightest satellite galaxy

There are projects rather than providing a real utility, is more a fad that emerged from a “great ‘idea, which was supported by only intended to show what they are capable, that no matter that everyone is against with valid arguments to some extent.

This is what is happening right now in Russia, who just announced his support for a controversial project that grew out of a campaign of collective financing, where a group of scientists, is planning to launch a satellite with the sole aim of which become in the artificial brightest star in our galaxy. Continue Reading

HBO Stream

The war against the television networks Netflix and other streaming platforms

A few years ago, if you wanted to see an international series premiere did not have too many options. Offered few channels open and when they did, it was common that the chain decided to relegate the morning for lack of audience (who followed you write ‘Angel’ and ’24’ in the early hours of Antena 3 in his day). That was until the pay channels began to settle, as FOX, AXN and Calle 13, who started betting to issue some exclusive content.

The picture has since changed. Yes, open chains seem to have given up this series but there’s only pay-TV channels fighting for the same content, but has entered a third stage: streaming platforms. The same situation is being experienced worldwide and not only with Netflix, but with other services like Amazon or HBO entering the fight for the content. Continue Reading