Neo PS4

Neo PS4 will arrive in 2017, more powerful and with support 4K games

The recent emergence of data in Amazon on the PlayStation VR also filter out just an internal presentation of Sony with 42 slides in which some interesting facts about the console are given.

This document explains how the “NEO” is a “high – end version” of the current PS4 which will coexist with the current console Sony and which share user community, application package, store and user experience. All games will be compatible on both consoles, but the PS4 NEO offer “support 4K screens” for games with various rendering techniques.

A twist to the PS4 hardware

In the case of NEO PS4 users will have access to better rates of frames per second , more stable and with improved graphical fidelity. Developers can take advantage of new hardware features with patches NEO, and the specifications are:

  • CPU: Same CPU with 8 cores at 2.1 GHz (in the PS4 those cores operating at 1.6 GHz)
  • GPU: Enhanced AMD GPU with 36 CUs 911 MHz versions will offer 2.3 times the performance in the current flops (18 CUs 800 MHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB GDDR5 themselves more frequently (218 GB / s instead of 176 GB / s of the current PS4)
  • Hard Drive: The same as in the current PS4

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