Microsoft notebook

Microsoft and outstanding debts: Why the notebook is the biggest forgotten Windows?

“Amaze you, gentlemen users: here we bring you a text editor that can be controlled with the mouse”. That was probably the presentation message of Multi-Tool Notepad, the tool that Microsoft presented at COMDEX in 1983 and that offered a “visual” alternative to the poor text editing tools that dominated its MS-DOS operating system at the time.

That would lead to Notepad in Windows 1.01 in 1985, and 33 years later the funny thing is that things have not changed much. The mythical notebook is one of those eternal tools integrated in Windows and that for one reason or another has hardly changed. And not because I do not need them. Hello, Satya? You read me? Continue Reading

Microsoft virtual reality

Microsoft has developed a couple of knobs to feel inside the virtual reality

Okay, we already have devices to live experiences of virtual reality, where most are based on what we perceive through sight leaving aside the other senses, although there are one to another project that seeks to offer audio, however, It is already working on devices that help to feel by touch in virtual reality experiences.

Microsoft through its research division, Microsoft Research, is releasing the first details of a project to develop controls to feel in virtual reality, this means of devices not only give haptic feedback, but also be able to simulate virtual objects to bring a new level of reality our hands. Continue Reading

Xbox One

Microsoft, do not want an Xbox One upgradeable

These days Microsoft has told us many things. For example, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is now available for Windows 10, but so will other titles such as ‘Forza Motorsport 6: Apex’ or ‘Quantum Break’. The idea: to unify its gaming platform for PC users with Windows 10 and Xbox One can share experiences.

One of the potential consequences, indicated in an interview Phil Spencer, is in the apparent intention of Microsoft to make the Xbox One ends up with an upgradeable hardware. It is unclear how they want to raise this revolution, but there are strong arguments to make him see that an updatable console Microsoft does not have as many advantages as we want to see.

A universal platform to rule them all

I recently debated in Ars Technica, which highlighted how Microsoft seems to have returned to take into account the PC for the segment of video games, which surprisingly had not done so too clear for years. The PC was for other things, seemed to want to say, if you want to play, do it on the Xbox One. Continue Reading