Lenovo ThinkPad P

The Lenovo ThinkPad P are fantastic portable workstations: Nvidia Quadro, Ultra HD and Thunderbolt 3

We spend a lot of time on the latest laptops with minimal thickness and gaming aspirations, but if what you are looking for are really powerful equipment that can be transported, then there are few brands that offer us what we need. We could say that Lenovo, HP, or MSI are some of those that have authentic portable workstations.

Today we are going to stop in the renewal of Lenovo laptops, in the ThinkPad P family, which is composed of the P51, P51s, and P71. They are characterized mainly by bringing the latest Intel and Nvidia inside, in addition to offering a maximum degree of resistance: Lenovo says it is military level.

Presented at Solidworks World 2017 we can say that the three teams are well staggered, starting with the most portable P51S, and ending with a monster like the P71, with a 17-inch screen. As usual in this type of notebook, there is a lot of configuration to choose, but try to understand what are the highlights. Continue Reading