Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air (2018)

Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air (2018), the laptop with the ambition of being the most successful clone of Apple’s MacBook

The vocation of this laptop is obvious: it wants to be the queen of a party to which Apple’s MacBook has also been invited. And, in addition, it does not have the slightest intention of disguising it, like the model of last year. Almost everything in it, including packaging design and a priori secondary features such as the notch under the touchpad that allows us to display the screen or the main cooling slot, copies to the Cupertino laptops. Even its power transformer is very similar to that used by MacBooks. Continue Reading

PC and laptop

Who said smartphone? The CES remains the party of the PC and the laptop

Studies, industry and the new generations seem to tire of telling us that the PC is a concept that no longer makes much sense in today’s world. Falling sales take years and all we see the smartphone (increasingly) as hyper center of that life.

But the PC continues to have its particular romance with the CES, the fair of consumer electronics that is used by a large number of manufacturers to re-launch news in a sector that far from dying continues to try to prove that it is here to stay. We are looking at everything and everything: even the new smartphones are waiting for another moment to launch, knowing that this is the party of the PC and the laptop. Continue Reading

Mi Notebook Air

It’s Mi Notebook Air, the laptop Xiaomi

A rumor that had accompanied us a long time, with different leaks in recent weeks, until the day of his presentation came. Yes, Xiaomi also wants to offer – Chinese – a laptop and is called Mi Notebook Air. The chosen operating system is Windows 10.

In his presentation they have no problem compared directly with Apple notebooks, and let’s not forget that that name is too seems, but there it is offering much less, as is usual in the Chinese firm. Initially it appears in two screen sizes: 12.5 and 13.3 inches. Continue Reading