Device Update

I’ve never updated my devices: Why 4 out of 10 users deny patches?

Perhaps many of us you read regularly actualize your version of Windows 10, or MacOS, or even your mobile with Android or iOS, but what happens when you have to update is a printer, a TV, a router or A videoconference camera?

The truth is that not everyone does. A recent survey of Canonical, the company responsible for Ubuntu, reveals that 40% of users have never consciously updated their devices. That behavior makes security failures can never be corrected despite patches to do so, and things could get complicated in the face of the future of the Internet of Things.

Not updating can be very dangerous

2000 consumers in that study, which was attended by only 31% with devices connected claimed that actualization these devices as soon as updates were available. Of the rest as we said a good part had not updated them, opening the door to all types of malware and intrusions by potential cyber-attacks. Continue Reading