Apple caution that criticism of the MacBook Pro coming from your own fans can be very serious

Something is wrong with Apple, a company that until now had been safe from internal criticism: users and fans of the brand not used to have a bad opinion of any signature moves, but everything has changed with the MacBook Pro.

The new high-end laptops have brought the Touch Bar as the main innovation, but many users complain that it has been much more what Apple has taken away than what it has given them. Goodbye to traditional USB ports, MagSafe goodbye, goodbye to the SD slots … Apple has become a company that makes dongles they say some – and oddly also manufactures smartphones and computers.

This MacBook Pro has little Pro

The renewal of Apple laptops was one of the most anticipated of recent times, especially because it had been a long time that Apple did not give a little affection to their teams. The thing not only disappointed by what was presented, but so did not show: there were no developments in other teams like the iMac or a Mac Pro that seem especially doomed to oblivion by the Cupertino company.

Criticism of the MacBook Pro does not hide the fact that Apple has managed to offer features traditionally outstanding in these computers, such as those that affect its construction or its screen. However these new dimensions have also forced decisions which some consider questionable, as the new keyboard with a new iteration of Butterfly mechanism that debuted in the MacBook or the failure to include some ports that were very helpful for professionals and general users. Continue Reading