Large pieces else? Autodesk makes 3D printing five heads to work in perfect harmony

At Autodesk, we are seeing move quickly in the field of 3D printers, it is doing so from a professional point of view, but also offering solutions for all audiences, proof of this are the ThingMaker 3D – for the little ones – and Ember.

Although we know years progress, it is an untapped land by large companies, and the truth is that we walk a little short of machines that are able to create large pieces, at least from the point of ‘domestic’ view. Autodesk wants to move a little this issue with Project Escher. Continue Reading

3D Printing

We not yet familiarized ourselves with 3D printing and 3D printing comes the new levitation

Almost every day we hear of a new advance in 3D printing, which has managed to sneak in a lot of disciplines and fields, offering a versatility that puts us in a wide range of possibilities, and with it you can do virtually everything from dentures, parts, to cars, artificial organs, medicines and buildings.

It is a reality that 3D printing is here to stay, and now only need to finish maturing and is available to anyone, but this does not mean that this technology cannot continue to evolve, on the contrary, maturity only means that it is now able to take the next step and that is new 3D printers while floating objects. Continue Reading