Seven Innovative Book Reading Gadgets for Bookworms

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Not just for yourself, you can even gift these reading gadgets to book lovers. Everyone would love to have each of these reading gadgets in their everyday routine. Here are few of them from casinoclic.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

If you are a reader, then Kindle was made just for you. Kindle is a go-to e-reading device for every new and old reader. It has millions of e-books. You will never be tired of having Kindle. The reason why is it the best e-book reading device is that it is portable and easy to use. Book readers now don’t have to manage their books on shelves and remember which page they left onto. Wouldn’t it be so handy to have millions of books everywhere you go? You can read at any time, any place with Kindle.

  1. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

It is a dream to read while relaxing and bathing in my bathtub. But how? Here’s your solution. You can waterproof your Kindle device, and you’ll even be able to take it underwater. Again, who wanted to read on the beach? Not only for beaches, if you have a kid in your house then God Bless You! Cause they won’t let their mom/dad sit alone in a corner and just be. Save yourself from the accidental water splash and you’ll be thanking the universe for waterproof products.

  1. Illuminating Reading Glasses

Illuminating Reading Glasses are the best solution for you, as first of all they are glasses, that help your eyes to read, second, they have lights. Yes, these glasses have two lights on both sides which are very helpful for your eyes. Now you won’t have to sacrifice your read time for headaches and stuff. Being a Bookworm, a lot of you might already have a weak vision. All that reading affects your eyes and nerves. You might also have headaches because of the stress on the eyes. But there’s nothing to worry about! That’s why Illuminating Reading Glasses are on this list.

  1. Prism Glasses

Let me guess. You are lazy? You love reading books while laying down but you can’t because the position is not suitable. Yeah, hi-fi bro! Me to! Sometimes I just wish for a gadget that would let me read while laying down. Tadaa! Presenting Prism Glasses to you. Prism glasses let you read on the bed. This way your neck won’t be hurting, you will be all relaxed and chilling. How Comfy! The glasses have two prisms on the lenses made just for this position only. You can use this glasses to play real money casino games, if you want.

  1. Hands-Free Book Light

If you are reading a book at night, it is not recommended to do so in bright lights. Experts say that blue light and bright lights should be avoided as much as one can because they can be damaging to the eyes. Hands-Free Book Light is the perfect device for your rescue. The amount of light in this device can even be adjusted and is suitable for your night vision. The adjusting mode makes this device flexible for everyone. As older people need more light to read than younger ones, Hands-Free Book Light is a device made for all.

  1. Handheld Magnifier

With Light You can’t wear glasses every single time you read a book and glasses don’t even magnify the words.Handheld Magnifier is an incredible device that throws light on the page as well as magnifies it at the same time. A handheld Magnifier can be a perfect gift for your grandpa or granny as it will be far easier to read. You can even place the device on the book or can hold the magnifier with your hands. It’s completely your choice.

  1. Eyecard Reader

Its name is a little confusing, Eyecard reader is a nose clamp made for people who have to read small prints, or for people who have difficulty reading a book. Clamp this super lightweight device on your nose and you won’t have to keep the book close to your eyes for better reading.