Mi Mix is ​​the phone of the future that we are surprised and Philippe Starck Xiaomi 6.4 inches unframed

Mi Mix

After staging the phone we expected, the Note 2, and its accessory for virtual reality, the Mi VR, it was his turn to a ‘One More Thing’ unexpected. It is initially presenting a conceptual phone that advances us where you want to go Xiaomi, the truth is that it has an imposing appearance, both in size, as by design. But the Chinese brand wants to sell now.

It is called Xiaomi Mi Mix and is a device in which the entire front is occupied by the screen, reminding us to work with Sharp makes many of its Japanese phones, but taking it to another level thanks to its 6.4 – inch diagonal in the panel.

Mi Mix
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Xiaomi has been ready for this design exercise and is accompanied by a specialist in the field such as Philippe Starck. Together they have created a ceramic terminal with some innovative solutions and top-level specifications.

In the Xiaomi Mi Mix 91.3% is front screen, there is only a small space in the lower zone

Leaving room for screen innovation

There are many questions about the operation of a telephone in which everything is screen, as they have placed where most elements typically populate the front: camera, proximity sensor, speaker, etc. Because to do so is a innovative solutions by Xiaomi:

  • The proximity sensor is now hidden behind the screen, works with ultrasound
  • The front chamber is now smaller by 50% than a normal to place it in the lower module
  • There is an innovative system called “Piezoelectric Ceramic Cantilever Acoustic Technology” that replaces the traditional speaker: apparently is based on vibrations on the glass

Despite what may seem, the phone is very accomplished in dimensions: its thickness is only 7.9 mm. This was a negative point in playing Sharp phones have become all the front screen, not here. The weight we are going to 209 grams, not bad, is 6.4 inches.

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The Pro model is called 18K

There are two versions, both with Snapdragon 821, but differ by storage and RAM, as we have seen with the Note 2 terminal with which it shares many numbers. The top model have named it 18K (6 / 256GB), also it differs for gold in the camera and fingerprint sensor ring.

Ending with typical specifications have both have 4.400mAh battery, which can be filled with fast charging Quick Charge 3.0. There is support NFC, HD Audio (192 kHz / 24-bit).

The main camera is 16 megapixels, with technology focus by contrast, while the front is 5-megapixels with a particularly small not to disturb the front.

Mi Mix will go on sale soon

The question we turn do we do really going to sell? Yes, in November, and already even ahead prices: 3,499 yuan for the model with 4 / 128GB and 3,999 yuan for Mi Mix 18K, with 6 / 256GB.