How to delete Instagram messages

How to delete Instagram messages

As in WhatsApp, it is possible to delete private messages from Instagram after they have been sent. Private messages disappear both from your screen and from other people’s, and there is also no time limit.

If you have sent someone a private message on Instagram that you regret, you still have time to delete it. Instagram calls this function to cancel the message and it works regardless of whether the other person has already read it or not.

How to delete a message on InstagramHow to delete Instagram messages

Deleting a message (or canceling it, which is what Instagram calls it) is incredibly easy. In the Instagram Direct conversation, long press on the message you want to send until the context menu appears. In it, choose to Cancel the message.

The first time you cancel a message on Instagram, you will be shown a confirmation window. Here you are warned that other people may have already read the message. If you want to continue, click Cancel shipping.

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What types of messages can you delete?How to delete Instagram messages

Instagram Direct does not discriminate between the types of messages you can delete, whether they have been read before or not, or at what time they have been sent. If it is something that you have sent to someone else, you can delete it.

That is, you can delete normal chat messages as well as photos and videos sent to the chat, whether you have sent them with a limited number of reproductions or if you have sent them to the chat. At any time you can retract any private message you send on Instagram.

What happens when you delete a message

When you delete a private message from Instagram, it automatically disappears from both your window and the other person’s. There is no “message deleted” type message as in WhatsApp, but the message simply disappears, as if it had never existed.

This does not mean that the other person has not seen it, because they have probably received a notification on their mobile that they had a new message. It is also possible that the other person took a screenshot of the message you deleted.