Dedicated server and virtual server: What the differences?

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Confusion between a dedicated server and a VPS, a virtual server, called by industry experts Virtual Private Server, it is not so bad. It is clear that for those not of the trade, the difference may seem trivial, but in reality there are differences that distinguish the two types, on which we are going to fix some point, to avoid confusion. 

Online Server
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First of all, a VPS is nothing that a virtual server, as mentioned, depending on a physical server, whose resources are usually shared among several users. Usually we talk about vps when the server is divided into multiple virtual machines that are separated from each other by applications that give special to customers who use them, the ability to manage their VPS independently from the others. And possible to configure your operating system, choose which applications are installed: in short, in a word, become customizable according to your operational needs.

If then already the first type of server you appeared as a highly customizable, it must be said that, as regards the second type, namely that contained in what we have called Dedicated Server, represents the form of hosting more customizable that exists. As well as, also the most expensive.

Suitable for a high-traffic sites which provide a large consumption of resources, the dedicated server is certainly what is most efficient to be prepared or to a site of heavy traffic or for a large site.

On the other hand, the dedicated server it is generally the opportunity to set up at its discretion the entire server, so allowing himself handle it at will, but not only.

Unlike the former, you can also use the hardware rented for the service that you prefer. You can choose between Intel‘s last generations, you can choose the hard drive, the memory RAM to buy.

But do those who have extensive knowledge in the management of a server: it is always better to make use of services managed by the hosting!