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Why cloud storage innovation makes so much success!

Cloud storage innovation and why it is so successful!

Cloud storage innovation has come to make day-to-day businesses, software developers and users much safer and easier. It is a technology differentiated and long awaited by all who have had some problem with the inadequate storage of information, because, Cloud Computing allows the storage of all information of the company or even personal information, as well as systems and software, in the cloud, that is, on the internet. Continue Reading

What is a website wireframe and why is it important2

What is a website wireframe and why is it important?

If you were planning to make a papier-mache sculpture, you wouldn’t pile straight in and start sticking bits of damp newspaper together in the hope that the finished result would look good; instead, you would build a core structure out of wire netting to give structure and shape to your finished project.

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Creating a website follows a similar principle. Although it is true that some designers just pile in and hope for the best, you need to set out the basic structure of the site before any coding takes place if you want to achieve a relevant and effective website that visitors will enjoy using.

Creating a skeleton site

According to a recent Forbes article, the wireframe serves as the bare bones of your website. This enables you to tailor your content and products in the most intuitive way so that web visitors do not have to struggle to find the information they are looking for.

Web designers refer to this initial development stage as ‘wireframing’. It is a crucial part of the process, particularly for large websites with lots of pages, products and content. It is only by spending a great deal of time and attention on the early stages of the project that you can be certain your finished website will be up to the task.

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Why wireframing matters

Allowing a website to develop as you create it could lead to all sorts of problems, including duplicate content, inconsistent navigation, and an inability for the visitor to find the products or information they are searching for. This is why a good web development team will take time to show you in detail how the wireframing stage will translate to the finished site.

Whether you opt for a WordPress website or employ a Drupal design agency, you will find numerous organisations, such as, that will spend time ensuring your site is created from the bottom up. This will result in an increase in user satisfaction.

Spending time at the wireframing stage of creating an intuitive user interface for your website enables potential problems to be identified, and indeed rectified, at an early stage, saving you time, trouble and money in the long run. Knowing that your website design is based entirely around the needs of the website users ensures complete satisfaction with the finished results.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X: The second generation of micros Ryzen stands face to face with Intel

If you have had the opportunity to read our analysis of the Ryzen microprocessors that AMD has placed on the market until now, you will remember that our assessment of this family of chips has always been positive. Your tricks? A very interesting global performance, a margin to practice quite broad overclocking, and, in addition, an undoubtedly competitive price if we face the Intel microprocessors of similar benefits. Continue Reading

Dark Web

What is Dark Web? How is it different from Deep Web? How can you navigate through it?

For some time now, the media has been talking more and more about the so-called Deep Web or Dark Web. It is almost always done to relate it to criminal activities carried out in the depths of the network, and very rarely do they stop to explain what that Dark Web really is. An example of this is that they call it Deep Web, an erroneous term in most cases. Continue Reading

What Is GDPR

What Is GDPR? Does GDPR Apply To My WordPress Site?

GDPR applies to all businesses, large and small, all over the world. If your site has visitors from European Union countries, this law applies to you. Although GDPR has the potential to escalate to the high level of fines, it will begin with a warning, a rebuke, a suspension of data processing, and if you continue to violate the law, high fines will be incurred.

The goal of GDPR is to protect the user’s personally identifiable information (PII) and keep businesses at a higher standard when it comes to how to collect, store and use such data.

Personal data includes name, e-mail, physical address, IP address, health information, income, etc. Now you’re probably wondering what you need to do to make sure your WordPress site is GDPR compliant. Well, by default, WordPress 4.9.6 now comes with the following GDPR enhancement tools …

Privacy policy generator

WordPress now comes with a built-in privacy policy generator. It offers a prefabricated privacy policy template and offers guidance on what to add, so you can be more transparent with users in terms of what data you store and how you manage your data.

Export data and delete resource

WordPress gives site owners the ability to meet GDPR’s data processing requirements and honor the user’s request to export personal data as well as the removal of personal data from the user.

GDPR compliant plugins

As a site owner, you may be using various WordPress plug-ins that store or process data such as contact forms, reviews, email marketing, online store, membership sites, etc. Depending on which WordPress plugins you are using on your site, you will need to take action to ensure that your site is GDPR compliant. In addition, plugins developers are creating GDPR plugin for WordPress.

Google analytics

Like most website owners, you’re probably using Google Analytics to get website statistics. This means that you may be collecting or tracking personal data such as IP addresses, user IDs, cookies, and other data for the behavior profile.

Contact form

If you are using a contact form in WordPress, you may need to add extra transparency measures, especially if you are storing the form entries or using the data for marketing purposes.

Email marketing opt-in forms

Similar to contact forms, if you have email marketing application forms such as pop-ups, floating bars, in-line forms, and others, be sure to collect the explicit consent of users before adding them to the your list.

Comments consent

By default, WordPress used to store the commenters’ name, email, and website as a cookie on the user’s browser. This made it easy for users to leave comments on their favorite blogs because those fields were pre-filled. Due to the GDPR consent requirement, WordPress has added the comment consent checkbox. The user can leave a comment without checking this box. All this would mean that they would have to manually enter their name, email and website every time they left a comment.

WooCommerce / eCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce, the   most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, then you need to make sure that your site complies with GDPR. The WooCommerce team has prepared a comprehensive guide for store owners to help them be compatible with GDPR.

Retargeting ads

If your website is running redirect pixels or retargeting ads, you’ll need to get the user’s consent. You can do this by using a plug-in such as Cookie Warning.

13 technolgy failed

13 technologies and recent products that were going to petar and ended up failing badly

Unfulfilled promises! That is what has happened in recent years with technologies and products that promised us everything and that remained in the attempt.

Some wanted to sell us the wonders of modular mobiles, messaging bots or 3D printing, but the truth is that neither those nor many other technologies have managed to materialize. We wanted to review what has happened since 2014 or 2015 in the segment, and here you have the great technological failures of recent years. Continue Reading

cryptocurrency, virtual currency and digital money

What is the difference between cryptocurrency, virtual currency and digital money?

Bitcoin fever is creating some confusion in the terminology that is used to refer to these currencies. Sometimes this type of currency is called cryptocurrencies, other times virtual currency and sometimes digital money. However, the three terms are not interchangeable.

This can generate quite serious confusions like when a medium assured that the Bank of England was preparing a cryptocurrency, when in reality it is a virtual currency. On other occasions we are not wrong, since Venezuela actually prepares its cryptocurrency. Let’s see the differences. Continue Reading


Alibaba says to have achieved an artificial intelligence with better reading comprehension than humans

Alibaba has developed a deep neural network model capable of achieving a higher score than that of humans in reading comprehension. The puncture has been measured with the Stanford Question Answering Dataset, a large-scale test in which readers are given more than 100,000 questions, and which is used by companies such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft to measure the reading comprehension of their IAs. Continue Reading

How does a loss of internet access affect VoIP calls2

How does a loss of internet access affect VoIP calls?

VoIP is the telephony of the future; in fact, many companies, big and small, have already switched. Its virtues include cheaper long-distance calls, integration with CRM and voice recognition software, out-of-the-box call filtering and routing, and greater mobility – you can move your phones to a different country and still plug and go.

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For large companies, wholesale VoIP termination rates provide substantial savings over separate lines and internal exchanges.

Key weakness

VoIP has one major weakness compared with traditional telephone lines: it is completely dependent on your internet connection, and therefore your electricity supply. If either goes down for any reason – HGVs reversing into junction boxes, diggers hitting cables, heavy storms, bill disputes, hackers, router problems etc – you could lose all contact with your engineers, your customers, and with the help centres of your service provider!

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Analogue and ISDN phone lines have always been remarkably reliable. When occasionally a repair is necessary, your one-stop telephony company responds swiftly and fault tracking is usually straightforward. As your phones are separate to your internet, you can fall back on email if you lose the phone; if you lose your network, you can fall back on the phone.

It is similar with electricity supplies: telephones are powered independently, so are rarely taken out when a storm, accident or power cut causes a blackout. In emergency situations, people have even been known to power a light or radio from their telephone socket.


Companies need an emergency plan for these exigencies. Mobile phones are an obvious fall-back solution, but only if vital numbers and account details are accessible offline to all who need them! Remember that storing this information must abide by modern privacy regulations; however, provided at least one designated person has access to emergency numbers, you can call your provider for help.

Some VoIP companies offer line monitoring guarantees. If you lose your connections, their system alerts them to respond without waiting for your call. Ask a specialist such as for details of these services.

Fortunately, one of the most useful guarantees is already built into your VoIP: it is simple to set up diverts so that calls not being answered in one office are automatically re-routed to another, or at least to a messaging service. Just remember to set these up before you need them!