Why are some buyers unhappy with their conveyancers?

Buying a home is a big step for anyone if they’re, in fact, so fortunate as to ever make this step. Getting onto the property ladder has not become any easier in recent years, with the rental market booming while mortgages are becoming less and less affordable.

As such, you might think finding and choosing the right property to buy is the biggest challenge of the home buying process, but one in five homeowners would disagree with you. According to Mortgage Strategy, a staggering 19% of new homeowners actively regretted their choice of conveyancer. All of this percentage found the process incredibly stressful and difficult to follow. But why is this the case? Find out more below.

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Conveyancing can be complicated.yet it needn’t be. According to a large percentage of buyers, the process of buying their home was overly complicated. They found the process of signing and providing documents stressful and lengthy and didn’t think the process was particularly user-friendly. Many were also unhappy with the cost of the services provided, and still more were dissatisfied with the way they were treated by the property specialist they selected. In short, they found the entire process complicated and stressful.

It’s vital to get conveyancing solicitors quotes ahead of selecting the firm you’re finally going to work with. Further, getting a reputable conveyancer such as Sam Conveyancing who even offer a fixed price quotation before you decide to work with them will put you at ease and allow you to focus on the important things rather than getting bogged down in lengthy processes.

Conveyancing can take a long time

Again, it doesn’t have to, but frequently buyers find the process of purchasing their property takes longer than expected. As a lot of documentation is yet to be digitised, it can seem an outdated process. Having a conveyancer who will either provide the tools to work digitally, where possible, or at least talk you through the process in an approachable and well-informed manner is key.

Property solicitors should always ideally come recommended by online reputation, friends or family, so you know ahead of time about the way they work and how long the process is going to take. A reputable conveyancer will also provide additional tools on their website such as mortgage calculators and information sheets so you know exactly what process you are entering.

Conveyancing can appear intimidating

Last but not least, the conveyancing process may seem intimidating to some. Buying a property is a big step and, with mortgage rates going up, can appear genuinely frightening. It’s, therefore, vital to find a conveyancer who knows how to communicate with you and walk you through the process. A reputable conveyancing solicitor will provide a quote in advance and be willing to answer all of your most pressing questions.

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Conveyancing is the biggest step towards getting the house of your dreams (or getting onto the property ladder at all). It can seem like a big leap, but with the right conveyancer at hand, it should be a smooth process that is easy to manage. And at the end of the transaction, you’ll hopefully belong to the 81% of people who didn’t regret their choice of conveyancer and would be more than happy to recommend them on to friends and family.