The techniques that can be used for drain lining

Drain lining is one of the most important repair and restoration techniques that can be applied to a damaged drain. If you hire an expert to deliver drain lining in Oldbury, then this is what you’ll need to know about how it works.

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What drain lining does

Drain lining in Oldbury involves repairing drainage cracks without having to remove and then replace the broken pipe. Without the need for excavation, there is far less time, expense and damage involved.

Most pipes can now be repaired by inserting a drain liner into the section that is broken, effectively repairing the drain in situ. The drain liner has an adhesive that sticks to the pipe interior to create a powerful seal. This method is modern and effective, and it’s affordable too.

Why a CCTV survey is needed

Professional providers of drain lining Oldbury will usually carry out a CCTV survey first, to check the drain before the lining is added. This is particularly necessary if the drain is emitting bad smells or getting repeatedly blocked.

Where this is happening, the drainage expert will fully assess the entire system to see where the problem is originating. Find out more from a drain repair specialist such as

How the CCTV survey is carried out

The professional will put the camera directly into the drain to take images of the pipe interior. These images are shared on a computer screen for analysis.

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When the source of the breakage is found, the epoxy-resin drain liner is applied and blown to the section where the damage is. It will then set and provide a watertight seal. This seal will counter both water and waste and provide an effective fix without any need to dig out the pipe. It will last for years if carried out to a professional standard.

So if you are experiencing drainage issues, consider getting a CCTV drainage survey to assess whether you require drain lining in Oldbury to fix the problem fast. Don’t put up with a broken or damaged drain!