Four Things to Know Before you Get a Trailer

A trailer is a handy piece of equipment to have and can be useful for many reasons – whether you like to take a lot of stuff with you when you go on a family holiday, or whether you have a hobby that requires you to carry a lot of kit around, such as mountain biking or fishing, a trailer is something that can be really handy to have for personal use.

Here are the things to do before you get a trailer…

Check your Licence

If you want to get a trailer to make travelling easier, the first thing that you must do is make sure that you are able to drive one. Check your driving licence as this will tell you what you are allowed to tow by law.

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Go on a Trailer Course

Once you have ensured that you have the right licence to tow, you should book yourself onto a trailer driving course. This way you will be able to learn how to tow a trailer safely, and also gain confidence in using a trailer.

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Ensure you Have a Suitable Place to Store it

When you have a trailer you need to make sure that you have somewhere where you can store it safely.  To prevent it from being stolen or damaged, somewhere that is off the road and under cover is best, although you can buy covers to protect your trailer.

Care and Maintenance

You must always ensure your trailer is roadworthy. You can buy trailer parts from auto and trailer if you want to do your own repairs, and you should also keep it clean as this will prevent it from rusting.