Five advantages of display advertising

If you’re considering the use of display advertising for your next digital marketing campaign, here are some of the main benefits to know:
1. Excellent Brand Visibility

Display ads like HTML 5 ads put you in front of a potentially large and targeted audience. Agencies such as place HTML 5 ads on the digital pages that align with a brand’s target audience to maximise conversions.

2. Excellent Reach

These HTML 5 ads have a high reach but also the necessary targeting that allows advertisers to maximise their ROI on conversions. This tends to be more effective than offline advertising methods.

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With the right campaign and design, your target audience has a higher chance of seeing your advertising. And with the right UX and call-to-actions, you have a better chance of converting to a sale than with many other forms of advertising. The immediacy and targeting of display ads are a huge bonus to brands.

3. Engaging Design

HTML 5 ads offer plenty of creativity for designers with options for images, text, videos and interactive elements to bring a brand and message to life. It’s important to be creative with display ads because customers can become tired of seeing the same content.

Customers want fresh, relevant and exciting messaging with clear CTAs and user journeys in order to convert. Often, brands will point their HTML 5 ads to landing pages, specific campaign pages or purchase pages.

4. Real-time Analytics

Digital campaigns on sites such as Google or Facebook can be tightly managed with real-time analytics. This means that your ad performance can be tracked in depth as your campaign develops, and also adjusted for better results if your performance needs to be improved. You can also use metrics such as impressions, click-through rates and conversions to make strong decisions backed up with clear data.

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5. Cost-effective

Digital display ads such as HTML 5 ads usually have lower cost impressions than other types of advertising. Also, the flexible pricing models allow you to adjust every campaign to your needs for minimal budget waste and maximum returns.