Are NFT’s Just the Start of a Changing Crypto Craze?

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Changes in the crypto market aren’t exactly new as news around the biggest opportunities in things like bitcoin have been swirling around for the past decade, as the audience for crypto continues to grow however there are many different opportunities that start to appear. The latest has come around from the NFT market as a form of a digital collector’s wallet for art and other digital goods.

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The market certainly took the market by storm as big sales quickly followed such as the Beeple piece that managed to sell for $69 million, or the auction for $16.8 million too showing that even despite a difficult period of time for NFT’s after their early boom, that the market is still alive and kicking well. Experts have been concerned around the market since its inception given the difficulty around copyright and ownership uncertainty that has since been raised – with digital goods in particular with how easy they can be copied and duplicated there had been initial concerns that many could fall victim to scams and other issues, particularly with such huge sums of money being involved.

With the acceptance of crypto growing all over as it has become a mainstay option for different online services including the likes of credit card casinos that can be found here for example, the opportunities for the market as a whole will only continue to grow, but the question now starting to rise is around where different options may come from as the start of the crypto craze could involved many different markets. The different blockchains that are available open the doors for inviting a whole host of new possibilities, with how flexible blockchains are it provides the opportunities for anything to really happen for those creative enough to get things moving forward.

This also comes at the same time as a watershed moment in crypto is seeing change too – one of the largest crypto platforms in the world of Coinbase – the IPO launched just a day or  two ago and soared past $112 billion early continuing to signal a huge change for the market, the success will certainly spur others to do the same too, particularly with so many users now looking to explore retail trading options given the situation earlier this year around Game Stop.

It’s an exciting period of time for everyone invested in seeing crypto succeed, and whilst there are certainly some things left to be ironed out it does seems as if things are moving forward in a much more reliable way than they had been before – NFT could be the first of many changing markets, and interest is certainly around for many others to follow.