5 Helpful Tips for Aspiring Computer Science Students

No matter whether you are already a computer science major and want to learn more, or if you are just getting your feet wet in the discipline for the first time, you came to the right place. Computer Science is a field that studies computer systems in depth, including how these systems interact with humanity more broadly. Computer Science is a lucrative, fascinating discipline that has yielded a wealth of innovation. It is also listed as the highest paying college major on several sites. Whether your goal is financial security or technological knowledge, here to help you navigate are five tips for aspiring computer science students.

1. Understand the Field

As previously mentioned, this major concerns computer systems and their technology. The courses you will take concern both programming and software design. According to Glassdoor.com, the annual median base salary for Computer Science majors five years out of college is $70,000.

2. Synthesize the Information

As everything in the field is connected, the more associations you make from class to class, the more knowledge you will accumulate. For example, your linear algebra class will illuminate aspects of your compilers class. Being able to recognize these points in conjunction with your own means that you are augmenting your learning and forming new chains of association. In the long run, this will make you all the more effective in the field.

3. Take Difficult Courses Over Easy Ones

Far too many students enroll in classes because all they care about is an easy A. In computer science, this is a recipe for disaster. You should enroll in courses because of their difficulty, as this will challenge you and push your knowledge further than you initially thought possible. Besides, what’s the point of paying all that money for tuition just to take easy classes that essentially amount to nothing more than a mark on a piece of paper when you could be enriching your mind with an advanced understanding of things you did not know before.

4. Classes Pertaining To Your Major Should Take Precedence

Seeing as you want to eventually work in the industry, you should be more focused on the classes pertaining to your major than general education requirements. If you’re looking for an excuse to put down that unruly Heidegger essay, it may be the perfect time to study for your Computation Theory exam. Besides, having one or two B’s on your GPA in classes outside the field will not impact your chances of success after graduation.

5. Study Everything CS Related

Whether you’re enrolled at Florida State University or USC, there is a prevalent tension between experiential and theoretical learning styles that manifests in each respective field. This strain is especially noticeable in the field of computer science, where some people are full-time theorists and others are full-time practitioners. This difference should not deter you, and you do not need to make an immediate decision. Study both and watch as the synthesis of information navigates you towards success.