NVIDIA, from the video game industry to Deep Learning

The name of NVIDIA will always be linked to the video game industry and graphics. They were responsible for a real revolution: the first GPUs or better known as graphics cards. Realism in 2D and 3D graphics, the ability to display more and more polygons on stage Do you remember the GeForce 256 capable of moving more than 10 million polygons? Now that seems insignificant to us.

There are few who continue to surprise when the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, appears at a conference proclaiming that much of the company revenues now come from other sources of Deep Learning, computing in the cloud or the development of automotive systems (some of them autonomous). They have managed to get in and push many other industries like they already did with video games. Deep Learning and Machine Learning is one of its main focuses today.

The fact is that NVIDIA is not just up to this new revolution as a beginner with the mere interest of diversifying revenue. NVIDIA has been the engine of all these technologies for a few years . And as many analysts say, this has only just begun. Continue Reading