Mountain Steel

Mountain Steel, a workstation with Intel Core i9 CPU and license to work … and play!

The official launch in the middle of last year of Intel’s Core i9 microprocessor family further stimulated competition with AMD. Without a doubt, it’s great news for users. But perhaps the most interesting is that it gave rise to an exciting debate that raises to what extent it is preferable in terms of the execution of video games to have a higher clock speed compared to a higher number of cores.

I have decided to start the analysis of this Mountain workstation talking about the Core i9 processors because, as the title of the article anticipates, the CPU that governs this equipment is a Core i9-7900X chip with 10 cores and capable of simultaneously processing 20 threads of execution (threads). There is no doubt that one of the incentives of this machine is to check how this microprocessor performs, but this is not the only feature that is interesting. Not much less. If you want to discover much more about this proposal, you just have to keep reading. Continue Reading